The International Planetarium Society - July 2004

Click here for bigger picture...The Belgrade Planetarium became a member of the International Planetarium Society (the registered representative being Natasa Stanic) on the XVII world congress of the Society. Since then, the Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" has been receiving the "Planetarian" magazine (which has four issues a year and is the bulletin publication of the International Planetarium Society) on a regular basis.

On the XVII congress (July 2004), 330 delegates from 41 countries participated, most of them from the western European countries (105) and the United States of America (96), others from Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Argentine and China. One or several representatives were from Egypt, Israel, Chile, India, South Korea, Kuwait, Estonia, Slovakia and Serbia and Montenegro. By the number of participants, this was the third congress in the thirty-four year tradition of the Society. With 23 new members (among which is the Planetarium of the Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic"), the Society now has a total of 720 members from all around the world.

An article about the XVII International Planetarium Society congress is to be published in our magazine "Vasiona" (first issue in 2005).

Adler Planetarium, Chicago

Click here for bigger picture...A Lecturer in the Adler Planetarium and one of the authors of the Starry Night program (a commercial program for the purpose of popularization of astronomy) – Professor Dr. Jose Francisco Salgado is interested in a visit to Belgrade. A mini-course for lecturers about the use of modern planetarium technology, a lecture about exotic scientific projects and cosmic probes INTEGRAL, IBEX and VERITAS (for students of astrophysics and colleagues from the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory) and a series of other interesting popular science lectures for wide public are planned for the end of May 2005.

At the end of 2005, a column in Serbian language about the events in Serbian Astronomy and the Kalemegdan Planetarium is planned on the official website of the Adler Planetarium, one of the most popular Planetarium websites.

Hurbanovo Public Observatory

Click here for bigger picture...Hurbanovo is the central public observatory in Slovakia that gathers a number of talented observing astronomers who have been participating in astronomy school competitions and astronomy camps on the High Tatry mountain range for decades.

A more intensive affiliation in the field of work with astronomy lovers was planned. This is to be accomplished by having associates of the Astronomical society "Rudjer Boskovic" participate in one of the following astronomy camps in Slovakia. Also, the most talented young astronomers from Slovakia will be invited to take part in one of our societies' Astronomy Summer Camps.

INSAP - INSpiration of Astronomical Phenomena

By the end of 2004, our society gathered around it people interested in the study of artwork (from the history of literature to contemporary authors) inspired by astronomical phenomenon. Among them is the famous author Laza Kostic (poet, philosopher and book critic, the author of over 40 poetry books, stories and novels) and Gordana Maletic (author of 20 novels and children's books, awarded many times with awards of the public for literature). So far, a group of several other members also "joined the club". Among them are Srdjan Djukic (student of astrophysics), Olivera Obradovic (student of Literature), Nenad Jeremic (graduated mathematician and postgraduate student of Multimedia Arts) and members of our Society Romana Vujasinovic (student of Dramatic Arts), Elena Dimovski (student of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering) and MSc Astrophysics Natasa Stanic.

Project abstracts were written for the V INSAP conference that will take place at the end of June and the beginning of July 2005 in the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. The projects were accepted by the organization committee of the conference and will be presented as 25 minute verbal presentations and as posters (1 m2 x 1 m2) if the necessary funds for the travel and lodging costs are to be acquired. An agreement was made that this section is from now on going to gather people interested in interdisciplinary projects in our Astronomical Society, and is going to be called "The Group for interdisciplinary research in the field of art and science".