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Belgrade, 2018-11-13
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Belgrade, 2018-11-13
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The course lectures are intended for everyone who is interested regardless of age and education. Twice a year (in the spring and fall) the 25 lecture course presents all aspects of astronomy (the Earth, other planets, the Sun, other stars, the Milky Way, other galaxies... from the Big Bang until now) with video-beam projections and short animations.

Planetarium events (lectures free of charge)

The Belgrade Astronomy Weekend (BAW): For more than two decades, every year, at the end of June, about 10 lectures on different astronomy subjects are being held. Lecturers are astronomers from our country and abroad. This event traditionally organizes a tour to the Belgrade Observatory on Zvezdara, so visitors can get a chance to see the instruments of the only professional astronomical institution in our country.

The Summer Astronomical Gatherings (SAM) are being organized at the end of August and are dedicated to a specific astronomical subject. The manifestation consists of four to six lectures and is held on the last weekend of August and the firs weekend of September.