Presidents of the Society

Since the foundation in 1934, many eminent members of cultural and scientific community have led our Society. For a short biography click on a link right next to the name.

  1. 1934-1936. dr Djordje Nikolic (1908-1971) Click here for details...
  2. 1936-1941. Vojin Djuricic (1888-1944) Click here for details...
  3. 1951-1966. prof dr Radovan Danic (1893–1979) Click here for details...
  4. 1966-1970. prof dr Branislav Sevarlic
  5. 1970-1972. Pero Djurkovic
  6. 1972-1974. Nenad Jankovic
  7. 1974-1979. prof dr Bozidar Popovic
  8. 1979-1982. dr Zoran Knezevic
  9. 1982-2004. dr Milan S. Dimitrijevic
  10. 2004- prof dr Jelena Milogradov-Turin


1934-1936. dr Djordje Nikolic (1908-1971)

He was a founder of the Society. He obtained a degree in astronomy in France during World War II. As a member of the French resistance, he was in a concentration camp in Germany from 1943 to 1945. On his return to France he obtained his PhD.

From 1947 to 1966 he worked in an astrogeodet service of the Geography institute of the Yugoslavian National Army.

He was a founder and editor of the magazine "Saturn", the prewar astronomy magazine of our Society. He published a number of papers on the work of Rudjer Boskovic on astrogeodesy, as well as a number of popular articles on astronomy, geodesy and mathematics.

In 1935 he published the translation of Einstein’s well known "Relativity: the Special and General Theory".

1936-1941. Vojin Djuricic (1888-1944)

He obtained a degree in Law in France. From 1912 to 1927 he was a bank director. From 1939 to 1940 he was the minister of finances of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

He was into astronomy as a hobby since 1906. As a bank director, he granted a loan for building the Astronomical observatory. He took part in organizing the 150 year commemoration of Ruder Boskovic. He had an important roll in the printing of the "Saturn" magazine on a regular basis.

He is an honored member of our Society. He is decorated by the French League of Honor.

1951-1966. prof dr Radovan Danic (1893-1979)

He studied medicine in Germany and Switzerland and specialized surgery in Belgrade. As a student of medicine, he participated in all XX century wars in Serbia.

As a military surgeon, he worked in Nis and Belgrade. When II world war started, he had a colonel rank and was the main military surgeon of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He was in German captivity from 1942 to 1945. In one of the concentration camps he developed an interest in astronomy influenced by an astronomer Pero Djurkovic.

In 1949 he translated the "Astronomy textbook" by dr Elisa and dr Bengta Stremgrena. Unfortunately, this textbook was never printed.

One of the founders of the Public Observatory and Planetarium and the "Vasiona" magazine.

He published several books and works in medicine and books and articles on popular astronomy. He gave a telescope to the Society as a gift, the OTWAY 100/1600 which he used for years for amateur observations.