Astronomy Summer Camp 2005

Why the Summer Camp?

Amateur astronomy is closely linked to observations, regardless of their nature (measurements, popularisation...). Vast majority of amateur astronomers live in the cities where the unfavourable impact of light pollution is high. Therefore these astronomers are able to observe only brighter objects, like the Sun, the Moon and the planets. Since the beauty of space and astronomy emerges only with the observation of nebulae, it is necessary to organize Astronomy Summer Camps in country. These serve as a place where astronomy lovers can become familiar with the deep sky objects, attend interesting observations related lectures, socialize and get in touch with the beauty of nature on our mountains.

Why the August?

Since amateur astronomers have other commitments in their lives, summer is the optimal time frame, adjusted to vacations and school breaks. Summer is also convenient because a great number of stellar clusters, diffuse nebulae and other deep sky objects are visible. Galaxies are also visible, especially in the first halves of summer nights. Clear skies are more probable for summer nights, but also they are shortest. Summer Camps are organized in August because the nights are longer than in June, and also the peak of the meteor shower Perseids is convenient for meteor observations. Of course, the Moon's luminosity is also considered so its impact should not interfere with deep sky observations. At the same time, observers should be able to conduct observations of the Moon too.

Why to participate?

Most of astronomy lovers cannot afford a quality telescope of an opening greater than 100 mm, and this is a requirement in order to observe a great number of faint nebulous objects. Summer Camps serve as an opportunity for these astronomers to use the telescopes of our Society. Rare amateur astronomers who own quality telescopes are often not able to use it in good observational conditions. Summer Camps offer a chance for all to exchange their experiences in observational techniques, telescope and accessories building, celestial objects photography and astronomy software. Staying in nature with good company has a good influence on our health and relaxes us.

What subjects will be covered in Summer Camp?

Theoretical part:
  1. the Sun,
  2. the Moon,
  3. meteor showers,
  4. variable stars,
  5. interstellar matter,
  6. galaxies,
  7. telescopes and their building,
  8. astrophotography,
  9. observation data processing,
  10. calculus.

Practical part:

  1. observations of the Sun, Moon, Perseids, variable stars, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies,
  2. observation data processing,
  3. telescope building.

Popular astronomy lectures are also in plan for attendees, covering the topics from the Astronomy Course for beginners

Astronomy Summer Camp "Odvracenica 2007."

Fifth Astronomy Summer Camp organized by Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" was also held on mountain Golija, some 30km from Novi Pazar, Serbia, between August 8th and 16th 2007.

Following the link below you can download the handbook for participants, which covered topics from the Camp, and a quick survey on Camp.

Astronomy Summer Camp "Odvracenica 2006."

Astronomy Summer Camp of 2006 in organized by Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" was held between July 21st and 29th 2006 in tourist center Odvracenica (1700 m above the sea level), located on mountain Golija, some 30 km from Novi Pazar, Serbia.

Camp has been divided in several sections to choose from, like amateur astronomical observations of metheors, variable stars, Sun, Moon, nebulae, galaxies and other space objects. Instructors were associated with or employed at Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" with a heavy background in these areas. Beside the astronomical aspect of the Camp, many field trips to natural and historical localities of mountain Golija were organized.

Following the link below you can download the handbook for participants, which covered topics from the Camp.

Astronomy Summer Camp "Predov krst 2005."

Astronomy Summer Camp "Predov krst 2005." was held between August 7th and 14th 2005 at Predov krst on mountain Tara. During these seven days in natural environment participants had their chance to know themselves with celestial objects using theory and practical methods. Camp was available for all interested parties, no matter what age they or their astronomer's skill levels are.

Follow the links below to see some of the 2005 Summer Camp results or handbook for participants.

Astronomy Summer Camp "Babin zub 2004"

Astronomy Summer Camp "Babin zub 2004" was held between 10th and 15th August 2004 on Babin zub (Grandma's Tooth), on Stara planina (Old Mountain), and in organization of Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" and Astronomical Society "Andromeda" from Knjazevac. Sixty Summer Camp participants managed to introduce themselves with theoretical and observational amateur astronomy in five days, mainly with poor weather conditions. A detailed report on Summer Camp which was published in magazine "Vasiona" is available below.

Handbook for Summer Camp participants is also available, which can help all those who have an aim to know themselves with amateur astronomy and supplement their knowledge in theory of celestial objects and phenomena.

Report and handbook are available only in Serbian language and in PDF format. In order to view it properly you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® 4+.