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Belgrade, 2018-11-13
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Ephemeris: Sun & Moon
Belgrade, 2018-11-13
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Magazine Vasiona

"Vasiona" ("Space") is a popular science magazine. It is published in four issues per year. Each issue brings latest news from astronomy and the Society. With more than half a century of continued publication it is the oldest popular science magazine in Serbia.

"Vasiona" represents the only public source for astronomical ephemeris in our country.

Magazine articles may be divided in several categories: projects, news and appendixes.

What are astronomical ephemeris?

Ephemeris (or ephemerides) are published annually and contain tables that give the data of the celestial bodies throughout the year:
  • season starting times,
  • perihelion and aphelion times for Earth,
  • Solar and Lunar eclipses parameters,
  • planetary configurations and phenomena,
  • Lunar phases,
  • Julian date calendar,
  • the Sun parameters (rise, transit and set times; physical coordinates),
  • the Moon parameters (rise, transit and set times; equatorial coordinates (alpha, delta)),
  • giant planets ephemeris (transit times, equatorial coordinates (alpha, delta), distance from the Earth and the Sun, magnitudes).

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