Vasiona's past

First two issues were published in the second half of 1953. The magazine was released by Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" and Society for Astronautics of Yugoslavia's Air Force, as a publication for astronomy and astronautics. For our Society "Vasiona" represents continuance of the magazine "Saturn" issued before the World War II. Nenad Jankovic, last editor of the "Saturn", was the first editor of "Vasiona".

Affiliation with Astronautical Society was successful until 1962 when their participation in financing of the magazine stopped. "Vasiona" was compelled to change its format to a smaller one, still in use to this day. During the 80s, the articles on astronautics decreased in number in such an extent that since 1980 "Vasiona" is solely a magazine for astronomy.

Editors in charge were:
  1. Nenad Dj. Jankovic, 1953 - 1972,
  2. Pero M. Djurkovic, 1973 and 1974,
  3. prof dr Jelena Milogradov-Turin, 1975 - 1982,
  4. prof dr Branislav Sevarlic, 1983 and 1984,
  5. dr Milan S. Dimitrijevic, 1985 - present.


"Saturn", magazine for astronomy, meteorology, geophysics and geodesy was issued by our Society for full six years between 1935 and 1940. It was published in twelve issues per year.

Until 1980 "Vasiona" was published in four issues per year. Between 1980 and 1983, ephemerides were published as a special appendix and since 1984 as a separate issue.

Vasiona's significance

Since all articles are reviewed by review committee, its 6000 pages represent confident source of information on different topics of interest, e.g. for school reports. This is of greatest importance in our country since there is a shortage of books, magazines and other publications on astronomy.

Editorial department makes an effort to bring more popular articles. Different levels of ages and education are covered, from high-school to academic.

Approximately 150 pages are published.


  1. Articles,
  2. Observational articles,
  3. Instructions for observing,
  4. Software in astronomy,
  5. Telescopes,
  6. Astronomy courses supplements,
  7. For beginners,
  8. By young writers,
  9. A bit of poetry,
  10. News from Society,
  11. News from the country,
  12. New books,
  13. Astronomy on-line,
  14. In memoriam,
  15. News and notes,
  16. Ephemerides and supplements,
  17. supplements. Supplements are special appendixes added now and then with a special columns:
    • Letters to the editor,
    • Frequently asked questions,
    • Astronomical reminder,
    • Interesting facts,
    • Problems and solutions,
    • Announcements and ads,
  18. Miscellaneous. E.g. "Lectures on history of astronomy" by Nenad Dj. Jankovic were published on eighty pages between 1991 and 1998.

Projects and papers can be found in columns 1-9, articles and news in columns 10-16, and miscellaneous articles in columns 17-19.

Ordering previous issues

Society owns:
  1. Single issues: 1973/3,4; 1974/2,4; 1975/1; 1980/1-2,4 and 1982/3,4. Price of single issue is 10 dinars and 100 dinars for the whole set.
  2. Sets for 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1983. Price is 40 dinars per set. Sets for 1984-1998 are 50 dinars for each year, 60 dinars for 1999, 100 dinars for 2000 and 200 dinars for year 2001. Price for all these sets is 1310 dinars.

Price for all issues of "Vasiona" on more than 3000 pages is 1410 dinars, without shipping charges which are usually one fifth of the shipment value.